A piece of Turku’s history

Kakolanmäki, the hill of Kakola, has undergone a remarkable change since those times, when the main building served as a notorious prison. Kakolanruusu, “the rose of Kakola”, was one of the first businesses to start in the area. It first opened its doors as a pop-up restaurant on May Day, 2017.

May Day 2019 started a new era for the Rose. The former kitchens made of shipping containers and outdoor grill oven has remain in history, as a new kitchen is put to use in new top-notch facilities in the Yöselli, “night cell”, building.

A brewery, bakery and coffee roastery complement the range of services in the area wonderfully. Their products are being served also in Kakolanruusu.

Cooking over open fire

The rugged setting of the old prison inspired our top chefs to play with fire. As a result, open fire defines the nuances in flavors of our dishes. Carefully selected seasonal produce are put to the 140 cm wide inferno, and the end result has been described sometimes as gourmet barbeque. Soulful, we say. At Kakolanruusu, we do a lot ourselves by hand so that we can ensure the result we were looking for. And become even better in what we’re doing.

Book a table and come enjoy!

Environmental policy

Environmental issues and sustainable development are an important part of our operations. We operate environmentally friendly and prefer seasonal ingredients, locally produced products, organic farming and suppliers who share the same values than we do. We cooperate with local, smaller operators. We know our partners and know that they are reliable. Everyone is welcome to Kakolanruusu and everyone will be treated professionally, equally and respectfully.

People behind Kakolanruusu

People, without any doubt, are the heart and soul of our restaurant. With the energy of the Kakolanruusu gang, you could almost light up and heat the whole neighborhood. Here are some faces of our incredible team:


Suvi Raisio runs the service with a steady grip and often meddles in our bartender’s plans. Cocktails are close to Suvi’s heart! Sanna Gullstén, on the other hand, runs the sales department always with a happy smile—and loves champagne! They say that great minds think alike, and it indeed applies to Suvi and Sanna: they think in stereo and do things in sync. Also, many customers mistakes Suvi for Sanna.
Simo Raisio from Raisio is the first one to arrive to work and the last one to leave. He likes to cook, and he is a big fan of Tommi Läntinen. And he never runs out of recipes.
Erik Mansikka’s specialty lies in the cold line of the kitchen. He likes to play the recorder and sing. In fact, many restaurant customers have had the opportunity to enjoy his music while sitting on the terrace.
Matti Roiniola is our Executive Chef and in a league of his own. Although Matti doesn’t always remember that he forgot, he has been the foundation for our kitchen for many years and Kakolanruusu wouldn't be the same without him. Matti is also known for his mind-blowing vegetarian dishes that are also his passion.
Melissa Alanko is the Restaurant Manager at Kakola Spa tropical pool bar. She has been important part of the team for years and years, she shows consideration to everybody, has dark sense of humor and doesn’t lose her cool easily. She is also a devoted meat-eater and loves mayo. :)
Ida Heinonen Restaurant Manager and Johanna Tahvanainen assistant Restaurant Manager are often the first persons you meet when arriving to the restaurant. Most of our new staff members of front house are trained by these powerbanks. These are the girls whose energies will not run out!  
Our fresh team member is Jenni Oksa, junior sommeliére. She will make sure you'll find the classic wine and food pairings but also something new and interesting from the wine list. You may also meet Jenni at our pool bar in Kakola Spa pouring refreshing bubbles in your glass!  
Come and visit our lounge bar and you will be hosted by our Bar Managers Jonni Leppänen and Miika Virtanen. They will make sure that the atmosphere is superb and you'll find the best ingredients of the season in your cocktail glass!  
Santeri Lahdenperä is our Head Chef and Matti's right hand. Santeri is leading the kitchen with strong and caring attitude making sure that all the moving parts of our big kitchen will be taking care of.