Food and wine

We always use fresh seasonal ingredients that are cooked over open fire as long as possible. One could say that the heart of our kitchen is fire. And firewood.

All portions at Kakolanruusu are to share. This way the whole table participates in the dining experience. Sociable, unformal and fun!

With cocktails, we offer a variety of small snacks served at the bar. If you prefer dining with time, Kakola’s Feast is for you. And if you want to find off the menu options, we serve each day a different dish of the day.

Our wine list has been carefully chosen to match with all our dishes and to give your palate something new and thrilling. In addition to our wine list, we have a special cellar collection where you can find unique wines. The question is, would you like to have wine au naturel or do you prefer classics?

Welcome to spend an unforgettable evening behind bars!

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Kakola’s feast

Enjoyed with time: several cold and warm dishes served one after another.


Recommended wines


A shorter feast with few shareable dishes served one after another.


Recommended wines



Create your own feast by choosing several small plates or few bigger plates. The dishes on our à la carte menu are made by hand, from the scratch, using seasonal ingredients. Which are your party’s favorites?


Bread from bageri Å, dips 5€

Rainbow trout, preserved fruit salad, endive,
parsley oil, red currant vinaigrette………..12€
Available vegetarian 10€ 

Blinis, hardboiled egg, red onion, chive,
crème fraiche
Vendace roe 50g 20€
Finnish caviar 30g 76€
Seaweed caviar 16€

Beef tartar, Gochujang(chili past), nashi pear, green onion, puffed whiteand black rice,
egg yolk puree…………14 €

Malt sweetbreads, crispy barley, coffee, beer, Jerusalem artichoke 12€
Available vegetarian 12€

Rabbit pate, roasted garlic puree with pickled
mustard seeds, carrot salad, tarragon, grilled bread 14€

Reindeer flat bread, horseradish cream, lingonberry and pink pepper jam….14 €
Available vegetarian 12€

Grilled octopus, potato salad, orange, celery,
pickled onion, coriander and mint, rose hip curry
foam………………14 €
Available vegetarian 12€

Pimientos de Padron, salami 8 €
Available vegetarian 6€



Quinoa, choy sum and portobello, creamy mushroom
soup……………….22 €

Grilled fish fillet, green onion butter, gooseberry miso 25€

Iberico presa steak off the grill, charred pepper and hazelnut puree………26 €

Half a chicken cooked in
master stock, XO sauce…..26 €



Celery and duck ham fritters, chive cream 7€
Available vegetarian

Lappish potato puree 7€

Parsnip and lovage 7€

Cauliflower with preserved lemon, capers, olives and anchovy butter 7€
Available vegetarian

Mixed salad and green goddess
dressing, seed crumble 6€



Orange and parsnip cake, candied parsnip, cinnamon ice cream, orange and vanilla cream cheese 12€

Honey ice cream sandwich 10 €

Homemade ice cream 6€




Seasonal flavors in portions that are perfect with our cocktails, beers, wines and other drinks. Our bar snacks are great for after work, to be enjoyed in good company. They are also a tasty late-night snack.


Sweet and spicy nuts 4€

Mixed olives 4€

Game Jerky and beer sausage 8€

Pata Negra 8€

Bread from bageri Å bakery, dips 5€

Boquerones 5€

Pimientos de Padron, salami 8 €
Available vegetarian 6€

Blinis, hardboiled egg, red onion, chive, crème fraiche
Vendace roe 50g 20€
Finnish caviar 30g 76€
Seaweed caviart 16€

Beet root tartar, dried beef, egg yolk, mustard pickled beets, cranberry  10€
Available vegetarian

Celery and duck ham fritters,
chive cream 7€

Homemade ice cream 6€


Kakolanruusu’s wine list holds modern classics, exceptional discoveries, wines from small batches and the favorites of sommeliers. Come and see yourself!