Food and wine

We always use fresh seasonal ingredients that are cooked over open fire as long as possible. One could say that the heart of our kitchen is fire. And firewood.

All portions at Kakolanruusu are to share. This way the whole table participates in the dining experience. Sociable, unformal and fun!

With cocktails, we offer a variety of small snacks served at the bar. If you prefer dining with time, Kakola’s Feast is for you. And if you want to find off the menu options, we serve each day a different dish of the day.

A dinner inside the prison -dinner package offers everything you can expect from a perfect dinner experience; welcome toast, tasting menu with wine recommendations and coffee and avec drink. You can also enjoy your dinner in solitary confinement (reservations for four persons). Please contact our sales to hear more.

Our wine list has been carefully chosen to match with all our dishes and to give your palate something new and thrilling. In addition to our wine list, we have a special cellar collection where you can find unique wines. The question is, would you like to have wine au naturel or do you prefer classics?

Welcome to spend an unforgettable evening behind bars!

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Kakola’s feast

Enjoyed with time: several cold and warm dishes served one after another.

83 €/pers

Recommended wines

59 €/pers

A shorter feast with few shareable dishes served one after another.

64 €/pers

Recommended wines

43 €/pers

Feasts are served in the same length for the whole party.


Create your own feast by choosing several small plates or few bigger plates. The dishes on our à la carte menu are made by hand, from the scratch, using seasonal ingredients. Which are your party’s favorites?


Bread from bageri Å, dips…6 €

Oysters Rockefeller
2 pc..14 €

Oysters, mignonette, lemon
1 pc..6 €, 3 pc..16 €,
6 pc..30 €, 12 pc..60 €

Grilled white asparagus, cottage cheese,
melon gazpacho, hazelnuts…..16€
Available GF + vegan

Beef tartar, spruce mayo, wood sorrel,
nettle crisp, onion……16€
Dairy free + available vegan+ GF

Smoked shrimps, garlic bread,
Rhode Island dip, sour cream….18€
Available GF + dairy free

Deep fried fish dumplings, Kakola’s XO-sauce,
spring onion, coriander…..17€
Available vegan + GF



Grilled veal entrecôte steak, bbq-sauce,
spring cabbage, garlic mayo…..35€
Available vegan + GF + dairy free


Grilled fish fillet of the day, sour milk sauce with cod roe, honey turnips, pickled cucumber…..35€
Available GF + dairy free


Fava bean falafel, green romesco, broccoli, jalapeño,
yoghurt sauce……28€
Available vegan + GF



SIDE DISHES  Available vegan + GF 

Salads from Lindroth’s garden, grilled and marinated cucumber, radish……………..9€

Green asparagus, scrambled eggs,
grilled butter………………12€

Grilled zucchini, marinated zucchini,
pistachio dressing, basil……..12€

Leek cream poached potatoes, chives,
crispy leek, dried onion……..12€




Rhubarb clafoutis, rhubarb sorbet, white chocolate….14€
Available vegan + GF

Baked Alaska; meringue and ice cream of the day……..14€

Homemade ice cream………..8€
Vegan + GF option


We recommend:
Small to share 1-3 dish per person.
Big to share: 1 dish per person.
Sides as you like.



Kakolanruusu’s wine list holds modern classics, exceptional discoveries, wines from small batches and the favorites of sommeliers. Come and see yourself!



Seasonal flavors in portions that are perfect with our cocktails, beers, wines and other drinks. Our bar snacks are great for after work, to be enjoyed in good company. They are also a tasty late-night snack.



Marinated olives…5€

Smoky nuts………5€

Bread from bageri Å, dips…6€

Oysters on the half shell, mignonette, lemon
1 pc 6€, 3 pc 16€,
6 pc 30€, 12 pc 60€

Oysters  Rockefeller
2 pc 14€, 4pc 28€

Cheese plate with homemade jam……16 €

Homemade ice cream………8€





Country of origin of meat:

Beef – Finland
Poultry – Finland
Lamb – Finland
Pork – Finland

We take into account all special dietary requirements.

Whether you were allergic to fish or a vegetarian, we will prepare you a menu that goes with your diet. Let us know your special requirements regarding the food and we are happy to realize them. Ask about allergens.